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Friday, January 20th, 2017
11:14 pm
A Compelling Argument, But You're Still Going to School
This evening, I spent some time talking to Bella about the things I'd learned in the session I had with the dog trainer earlier in the day. One subject that came up was that Wham already has a great deal of trust in me, mostly because as the parent at home, he's been spending all day, every day with me. Bella, sensing an opening, suggested that I call her teachers and tell them that she needed to take a week off from school, so that he could get used to her in the same way. When I said that she couldn't just stop going to school to spend time with her dog, she offered that maybe she could just take Fridays off.
Wednesday, January 11th, 2017
9:20 pm
Go To The Principal's Office!
This afternoon, Bella came home from school and informed us that she's having a meeting with her Principal tomorrow afternoon. Fortunately, this isn't a bad thing.

Over the weekend, she wrote a letter to the principal and the heads of all the divisions (she goes to a K-12 school, so there are heads for K-4, 5-8 and 9-12), describing her thoughts on her school's uniform policy, and brought it in on Monday.

Today, the head of her division came into the classroom and told her that tomorrow, Bella will be meeting with the principal and her division head. The division head didn't say that the meeting is about Bella's letter, but I assume that if she were in trouble, we would know about a scheduled meeting with the principal before Bella would.
Tuesday, December 20th, 2016
9:36 pm
Not Enough Candles
I'm taking the kids to Florida, so their grandparents can take them to Disney. I was packing for the trip, and found the menorah (since we'll be gone for several days of Chanukah). I looked in the various places I would expect to find candles, and in among the birthday candles, I found a box of them that would fit the menorah.

It turned out that there weren't enough candles in the box, so I commented to Jess, "We can only have a four day miracle this year." After that, I was coming up with explanations for the kids why we can only do four days (besides the real one, which isn't nearly as funny).
"We're so good at Chanukah, we get it done in four days."
"You're only half Jewish, so you only get four days."
"There are only four days of Chanukah in Leap Years."
Monday, December 12th, 2016
6:00 pm
Food Poisoning?
This morning, I got a call from Bella's school nurse, telling me that she had gotten sick at school, and asking me to come pick her up.

After I got her into the car, I was asking her about how she was feeling, trying to determine what might be the source of her illness. She had her own idea about what it might be. She said, "I think it's food poisoning, from the waffles [which she had for breakfast]. But it must have gotten in after they were done, because Mom wouldn't put poison in our food."
Thursday, December 1st, 2016
8:04 pm
"Not Supposed To"
As I was biking Meg to an afternoon appointment after school, I was on the sidewalk going through Tenley Circle, because drivers are complete idiots there, and it's congested enough that people on foot get through the intersection faster than cars do.

I stopped for a red light just before crossing the circle, and two people on foot decided that they didn't need to wait for a walk signal, because the light was about to change. I waited for the signal to change, and about 20 feet up the sidewalk, the two people were walking side by side and taking up the whole sidewalk. I rang by bell and said "Excuse us." They both moved to the side, and as I passed, one of them said, "You're not supposed to ride on the sidewalk." I pointed out that the law in DC is clear that it is permitted. Since I was moving a bit faster than she was, I didn't have time to also point out that the law is also clear that "You're not supposed to walk when the Don't Walk signal is on, even if you can make it across without getting hit."
Tuesday, November 29th, 2016
1:54 pm
Or Maybe I'll Just Get it Free... (or already paid for, if you want to be technical about it)
In my last post, I talked about the deals that XM was offering me to continue the free subscription we got with the new car. Since then, they offered me another deal which was almost enough to get me to pay for it - six months for the price of two. But even that price is the same as buying the 3 most recent Kidz Bop albums new.

Since the free subscription is going to expire quite soon, I realized that it was time to order some CDs for Bella. So I got on Amazon and, lo and behold, found that the most recent eight albums (in other words, pretty much everything the XM station is playing and then some) are available for streaming with Prime. A minute later I had confirmed that songs in Prime Music can be downloaded for offline playback, and that the car stereo was able to play songs in the Amazon Music app just as easily as Apple's music app.

So this afternoon, I'm going to sit down with Bella and go through the albums one song at a time and find out which songs she doesn't want. If she decides she wants some of the older stuff, I'll buy the CDs, and when/if the ones she currently likes age off the Prime playlist, I'll buy those CDs as well.

One interesting thing about all this is that it changes my calculations for my valuation of Prime. My original thought about Prime Music and XM (or any of the other pay-as-you-go 'radio' channels) was that they didn't really have any utility for me (and I certainly wasn't willing to pay for them). Radio stations might play things that I like, but no station will avoid things I don't like, just because I don't like them, and if I like a bit of music, I want to own it, so that I'm not reliant on the whims of a DJ to hear it, and I want physical media. But now that I have kids who have musical tastes of their own, I see some utility in radio stations as a way to let them hear things that they might like today, but not be interested in a year from now.
Saturday, October 29th, 2016
4:58 pm
Such a Deal!
Our new vehicle came with a free 3 month trial subscription to XM Radio. On the way home from the dealership, the kids requested music, and Jess found a station called Kidz Bop. Since then, I've spent a bit of time looking at the list of stations and listening to a few that sounded promising, but really, we've only spent any significant time listening to Kidz Bop. As a result, Bella has requested that we continue the subscription after the trial period so that she can keep listening to her now-favorite station.

At the end of our first month, XM sent us some mail, because they also want us to continue our subscription after the trial. I just got around to opening it a couple days ago. The price in that mailing was listed as $20/month, with a savings of a bit less than $2/month if we get a year-long plan. I don't think we spend enough time in the car to justify $20/month. None of the stations I listened to excited me enough to decide that I want to listen to them, rather than listening to music off my phone, and it would take pretty much the kids entire allowance for them to pay for it.

Yesterday, I got another mailing from XM. They offered 1-year for the price of 7 months ($100 less than their first offer). But even at just over $10/month, I'm not seeing it, especially since we can buy all the Kidz Bop albums that have been released in the past two years for less than the price of a year subscription, and they release new ones at a rate of about three per year. Since we'd only be getting it for Kidz Bop, it's far cheaper to buy their albums and load them on Bella's iPod.
Monday, September 19th, 2016
8:12 pm
Facepalm Moment
This afternoon, Bella was talking to a family friend about how her afternoon had been going. She said that she had been complaining to me all afternoon about her busy Monday schedule. The friend asked, "Don't you think that would annoy your Dad?" To which Bella replied, "No, I do it all the time."
Saturday, August 27th, 2016
9:14 pm
New and "Improved"
Apparently, since sometime last June, the company that Meg's school uses for health record management (Magnus Health - since I'm perfectly willing to name and shame companies which don't provide good customer service) has made changes to their system. Last year, when I electronically "signed" one of the forms, I typed my first name, middle initial with a period, and full last name. This year, I went to do that, and the system wouldn't let me sign because of 'invalid characters'.

I typed something approximating my name, because Jess pointed out that if I don't and tell the school that I'd be happy to come in and sign a piece of paper with an actual legal signature, it would be creating extra work for myself to complain about a relatively minor point. And that's not the hill I want to die on. If I were going to make an effort to complain about something, it would be the terms of use that basically says we won't hold them responsible for security breaches, and "really, we promise that we use industry standard security practices".
Thursday, August 4th, 2016
11:52 am
Kid Biking
Yesterday afternoon, I spent a couple hours putting together Bella's new trail-a-bike. In the evening, we took it out for a spin. She enjoyed it, and I could definitely feel the boost provided by her pedaling - even when riding up the steep (10% grade) hill near our house.

She complained that the seat wasn't very comfortable (and was right to do so - the thing feels like a rock with a vinyl cover over it), so I replaced it with the seat off Meg's old bike. On our ride this morning, she decided that the seat is too small, so I need to figure out what to do about that.

This morning, we took our first long ride with it. It's almost 6 miles to the camp she's going to this week. Most of that distance is along a major commuting corridor, so we took the sidewalk most of the way, and I brought our Metro cards in case I decided that it wasn't working and we needed to hop on a bus to get the rest of the way. It took about 15 minutes longer than usual, which was unsurprising in retrospect, when I thought about all the people waiting for busses that we had to weave around. Tomorrow, we'll ride on the outbound side of the street, which is what we've done the other days this week. I didn't do it this morning, because I didn't see any point in crossing a major commuter street, just to cross it again 4 miles later. Now I see the point, so tomorrow, we'll see how much time that saves us.

In figuring out our time savings, I'll have to take into account that Bella didn't do much pedaling, because while waiting for a light a few minutes away from the house, Bella experienced a hazard that anybody who bikes with any frequency gets to 'enjoy'. For non-cyclists (and for those experienced cyclists who don't remember the time before they had clipless pedals) , I'll explain that bike pedals have little teeth on them, to keep your feet from sliding off them when you pedal. Unfortunately, one's leg will inevitably wind up contacting those teeth, resulting in those teeth taking a bite out of one's leg. So while we were waiting for the light, I was surprised when she let out a large yowl and started complaining about her leg hurting and that she couldn't explain why. She had a long, superficial scrape on her left shin. Because of it, she didn't much feel like pedaling.

On the way home, I encountered a problem which was as inexplicable to me as her leg scrape was to her. I heard a scraping sound coming from behind me and looked back to see what it was. I hadn't run into anything, but somehow, the fiberglass pole that is supposed to hold an orange flag about 3 feet above the rear wheel had broken, resulting in a 110 degree bend at about wheel-top height, and the flag dragging on the ground 3 feet behind the bike. I called the company, and they're going to send us a new one. Fortunately, our bike trailer has a similar flag, which I can fly off the back until it arrives.
Monday, July 25th, 2016
8:13 pm
Nothing Like a Little Self-Confidence
This evening, as Bella was getting ready for bed, Jess asked, "How are you doing?"

Bella replied, somewhat vaguely, "Good."

Jess followed up, since she actually was interested in something more responsive to the implied question of what progress Bella was making toward being ready, asking, "I was hoping for something a little more specific."

Bella answered, "I'm awesome!"
Tuesday, July 5th, 2016
4:20 pm
The Things We Don't Say (or, No, I Don't Want to Explain This to My 7-Year-Old Today)
Today, Bella was reading a book about planets. One that was mentioned was the dwarf planet Eris. She pronounced it with a long E, and I pointed out that some people pronounce it with a short E. She replied EEris, Airis, whatever.

What I didn't say at that point is "To a Discordian, those would be fighting words... Of course, to a Discordian, 'What color is your car?' could be fighting words." I don't think I want to explain Illuminati groups until she's old enough to play the game.
Wednesday, May 25th, 2016
9:44 pm
Another Reward for Virtue
This time, my reward was for doing something I wanted to do anyway, and really didn't have any reason to avoid. Last Friday was Bike to Work Day. Because the weather was beautiful, I wanted to hop on the bike and ride around a bit, and might have done so even if it biking wasn't in the name of the day. So I got the kids on the bike and took them to school, and then headed for my first pit stop. The night before, I had looked at the locations of pit stops and their closing times to figure out which ones I might be able to make it to.

At the first pit stop, I got my t-shirt, but they had already run out of everything but XL. There was some free food, including a big bowl of very tasty mixed nuts from Nando's Peri-Peri. The woman from Nando's encouraged me to take as much as I wanted, since they would be closing up soon, so I filled a coffee cup and put it in my basket to eat on my way to the next pit stop. There were a few small freebies besides that, but nothing of significance beyond the t-shirt. Then I headed down Wisconsin Avenue to the Georgetown waterfront stop. As I was zooming down Wisconsin, I hit a small pothole which sprayed mixed-nut-confetti everywhere. Definitely a moment when it would have been fun to have a chest-mounted GoPro.

In Georgetown, there was some food, but no freebies worth writing about. Then I headed to Franklin Square, where I was able to trade in my XL t-shirt for something that actually fit me. I signed up for the drawing they were having, and got three water bottles, since they were closing up in 10 minutes and they had at least 4 dozen water bottles left, all of which were very nicely printed with BTWD 2016, so the nice woman didn't see any point in saving them. Since the kids lose at least a couple water bottles at every summer camp they go to, I thought it would be nice to get ahead of the game a bit.

That brings me to the item that prompted my post. I opened up my email today to discover that I had won an item in the raffle I entered - a $100 gift card to Bobby Van's Steakhouse. I'm pretty happy to eat free food in honor of Bike to Work Day.
Wednesday, May 4th, 2016
10:55 pm
15% Off Anything in the Store (Except the Things You Might Actually Want)
In this afternoon's mail, I got a promotional mailing from Crate & Barrel. Apparently, they think I just moved in, because it included a discount card good for 15% off things "for your new home". My first thought was that 15% off would be great, but I don't remember there being anything I really liked the last time I was in Crate & Barrel (which was probably about 10 years ago).

But then I thought, "well, tastes change, and there's one about 10 minutes from home, so maybe I should go up and take a look around." So I read the fine print, and in doing so, found out that they actually do carry some brands of items that we like. Unfortunately, the brands in question were listed in "Card is not applicable toward items made by... Breville, Le Creuset, Miele, simplehuman, or Wusthof." Gee thanks, Crate & Barrel!
Tuesday, April 26th, 2016
4:54 pm
Lately, Meg has been complaining about how heavy her backpack is. Having picked it up a few times to hand it to her as we've been headed out the door to school, I agree with her assessment. She mentioned looking for a plastic turtle that I last saw in her backpack, while she was in an appointment, so this afternoon, while she was in an appointment, I searched through her backpack to find it.

I didn't find the turtle. But in one of the mesh water-bottle pockets on the side, I found a pair of plum-sized rocks. I pointed out to her that these were probably a contributing factor in how heavy her backpack feels.
Friday, April 22nd, 2016
11:03 am
And Thus is Virtue Rewarded
The kids have both been home sick for a couple of days, and one result of their illness is that I've had to do a lot of extra laundry. So this morning, even though Jess stayed home from work to help deal with sick kids, I still had a good excuse to skip going to school for my volunteer shift to help sort books for the Flower Mart book sale. But the kids were being pretty easy, and we had a box of children's books to donate, so I decided to go.

I set to sorting and very early on in the process had a couple books to throw in the Travel box. As I did, I spotted a Federal Writers Project guide to Pennsylvania. Some of you may be aware that I have a collection of Federal Writers Project guides. I recalled that the email calling for extra volunteer help had mentioned, as a perk of helping, said that volunteers get first pick from the donated books. I didn't remember whether I had one, but rather than setting it aside and hoping I'd be able to find it after I came back, I decided to get it and bring it back if I didn't actually need it.

So I took it to the volunteer chairman and asked what the process was for us to buy the books. He told me that I could pay for it at the book sale, at the standard hardcover rate. But later, as I was leaving, when I was filling out my details on the donation receipt, he said that I should just take one book off the total on my donation.

When I got home and looked at my shelf of Federal Writers Project books, I found that I did already have a Pennsylvania, but that it was a rather ratty ex-library copy, so the one I found was an upgrade. Then I noticed that the one I found actually had an intact map in the slot in the back, which my old copy didn't have. Even in a generally good week, this find would be a bright spot, but after the week I've had, this turns what was in the running for the worst week of the year into one of the best.
Wednesday, December 9th, 2015
8:30 pm
Empowerment is Time Consuming
After school today, Bella had a meeting of her Brownie troop. The most important order of business was talking about selling Girl Scout Cookies. Since Meg is an experienced cookie seller, she came to the meeting and talked with the younger girls about it. This resulted in a much longer meeting than if I, as the Troop Cookie Manager, had been running the meeting solo.

The length of the meeting was further increased by the fact that, in order to empower the girls, they voted on a number of items, including whether or not they wanted to do booth sales, what their goal for the money they earned would be, whether they would get sales incentives or would rather make more money per box, and which charity would be the recipient of any donated boxes. Some of the choices were done by voice vote, some by secret ballot, and because there are 6 girls in the troop, one decision came down to a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors between their Troop Leader and their Troop Cookie Manager. In the end, things wound up pretty much the way I and their Troop Leader predicted they would.
Monday, November 23rd, 2015
1:58 pm
Security Note
I've had occasion to walk past DARPA's new headquarters twice in the past month, and both times, I found myself wondering what organization was located there, because if they have any signs identifying the building, they aren't very visible. I'm guessing that they did that for security reasons. Unfortunately, security doesn't really work that way. I didn't find myself completely wondering about it - all the people in uniform walking in and out, and the military plaques on the walls visible from the street made it clear that it was DOD. And two seconds with Google when I got home this afternoon told me that it was DARPA's new headquarters. So not putting DARPA on a sign in front of the building doesn't make sense from an operational security standpoint.

Of course, this is the same agency that, when they were in their old HQ, would harass people taking pictures of their unmarked building.
Sunday, November 8th, 2015
4:45 pm
Drinking the Kool Aid
A few days ago, I was wearing a t-shirt I got from my local bike club. On the back, it has the club logo and says, in big letters, "Ride a Bike" followed by a long list of other things, in diminishing type sizes, including such things as "Save Gas" and "Be A Kid Again". One of the things in fairly small type is "Laugh at Cars". Nicky noticed it and asked why bicyclists would laugh at cars - I explained that when there's a lot of traffic, we can go faster on a bike because bikes can go places that cars can't.

This afternoon, I picked her up from one of the museums on the mall, and traffic was somewhat heavy on the way home. She asked, "How come you didn't pick me up on the bike?" I explained the logistics that made driving the best option and then she said, "I wanted to laugh at cars."
Thursday, September 17th, 2015
9:11 pm
I was chatting with my friend Tony, who is the school librarian at my younger daughter's school. In previous school years, he was known to the students as Mr. Tony, and there was another faculty member that was referred to as Miss Firstname. Many of the janitorial and kitchen staff, in the rare instances when the students actually knew their names, were referred to by first name as well.

Over the summer, the school decided (rightly so) that the kids referring to teachers and administrators by title and last name and staff by first name wasn't such a good idea. So it was declared that for the new school year, everyone would be referred to by Mr/Mrs/Miss/Ms Lastname. This would include Tony and Miss Firstname, for the sake of consistency. I said to Tony, "But remember that Emerson said 'A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds.' Surely we don't want to expose a whole school full of little minds to hobgoblins!" Tony was amused, but didn't think my argument would convince the administration to let him continue to be known as Mr. Tony.
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